We hope that you will join us in further developing the Decoding the Disciplines model for increasing student learning.

If you would take part in ongoing discussions about Decoding, go to https://groups.google.com/group/decoding-the-disciplines and hit the “About” button to request membership in the Decoding the Disciplines list serve.

If you would like to contribute materials to this site (examples of bottlenecks in your field, experiences with Decoding, models for helping students master difficult mental operations, examples of assessments, etc.) please email them to dpace@indiana.edu

If you have questions about the site, the list serve, or about Decoding, or you want to report problems, please email us at dpace@indiana.edu or middendo@indiana.edu.

Thank you.

 (We also want to thank Erika Lee for all her assistance in helping us set up this site and list serve.)