Decoding the Disciplines: Connecting and expanding the Community

A Conference on Decoding the Disciplines

November 6-7, 2023 – Aachen Germany

Call for Presentations & Demonstrations.

   Decoding the Discipline has been used to increase learning across the globe and has been adapted to various needs, disciplines, and institutional and professional contexts. Scholars in different countries have used the paradigm to support students’ efforts to overcome disciplinary bottlenecks, but have also applied it to emotional, bodily, or social learning, (Pace, 2021). Now is the time to come together, learn from each other, explore innovative new possibilities, and discuss the future of Decoding the Disciplines.

We invite presentations on the following topics:

  •  Experiences with Decoding the Disciplines: If you have used Decoding to identify a central bottleneck, to explore learning through an interview, to change something in your teaching for the better, or to respond to a larger challenge, share your experiences.
  •  Analyses of the paradigm: Here we are interested in the theoretical or methodological reflections on the framework or its steps, in the assessment of the effects of the methods on teachers or teaching, or the application of the approach in different institutional frameworks.
  •  Strategies for spreading Decoding: If you have found a way to use bottlenecks in teacher qualification or other contexts in higher education institutions, if you have founded a disciplinary or regional group or have hosted a bottleneck archive
  •  Further development of the paradigm: If you have adapted the Decoding cycle to your needs, modified, it or applied it in a new context, or applied the paradigm in ways that open up new possibilities, we would be excited to hear about your work.

In addition to presentations by participants, the conference will also include:

· An invited panel of Decoding practitioners, who will analyze a recorded interview and discuss techniques for making explicit what students need to master.
· Opportunities for participants to help shape the future of Decoding, including discussions of new directions for this work and of possible ways to share our explorations through writing groups, a journal, a coordinating committee, and future conferences.

The Call for Submission will close March 15th, 2023 and there will be a committee reviewing the submissions.

Proposals for paper presentations should be no longer than 300-words and should provide both a general overview of what is to be shared and how it will contribute to
a broader understanding of the potential of Decoding.

Proposals should be sent to


   The conference will take place in Aachen, Germany on Nov. 6th & 7th, 2023. (It will immediately precede the annual conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning which will begin on November 8, so that participants will have the opportunity to attend both conferences. ) Travel time by public transport from Aachen to Utrecht is less than three hours via the train station of Heerlen.

  The conference language will be English.
  Typically sessions will last 30 minutes including discussion but we are open for other formats particularly in sessions with multiple presenters.

   If you have any questions about the conference, please contact David Pace at

Miriam Barnat, Professor, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Applied Sciences Aachen
Joan Middendorf, Ph. D., Instructional Consultant, College of Arts & Sciences and Adjunct Professor, Educational Leadership; Indiana University Bloomington
David Pace, Professor Emeritus, History Department, Indiana University Bloomington
Peter Riegler, Professor, Bavarian Center for Innovative Teaching, Munich

Note: If you are interested in helping with the review of proposals, please contact us at