Here are a few of the scholars exploring the use of Decoding the Disciplines as a tool for increasing student learning.  (If you are interested in adding your name, please send your name, title, area of expertise, and any other information that might be relevant to others in the community.)

  • Joan Middendorf
  • Janice Miller-Young, Associate Professor and Director, Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta Canada
    • jmyoung[at]
    • topics in Decoding: epistemological and ontological bottlenecks; using Decoding within Communities of Practice; faculty learning; Decoding embodiment and identity
  • David Pace
    • dpace[at]
    • Topics in Decoding: Decoding as a strategic tool for planning instruction; Decoding history; modeling and practive; the Decoding interview